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The mission of AlertID is to empower people with safety information and build more connected communities. We help you track your safety by providing you with a daily digest of crime and sex offender alerts in and around your neighborhood so you can be better informed to keep you and your family safe.
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AlertID will be the preeminent crime alerting platform providing users with public and crowd sourced crime information and the media with data and tools that generate more robust and textured broadcasts.
Build Your Reputation
To protect the accuracy of your crime data, Alert ID is introducing Member Reputation. Reputation is a measurement of a member's community trust. Trust is earned by members interacting and ultimately trusting member. If member's trust and value your post, your reputation will increase. The greater the Reputation you earn, the more privileges you gain. A member with a good Reputation is allowed you to remove inaccurate posts assuring Alert ID's Map reflects your neighborhood's safety problems and concerns. For Example, a Reputation can be earned or lost by: "Liking" and "disliking" alerts. Reporting false alerts or inaccurate information to enhance a previous post. Updating a previous post with the outcome. Close the cold case! Before you can post, you are required agree to the Reputation Code of Conduct. Then you are able comment on posts as well as post new crime alerts. Check out the Reputation Table!
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The easiest way to keep up with everything in your neighborhood.
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A secure environment where all neighbors are verified.
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A community build by you and your neighbors.

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Keep Safe with our Daily Digest
Your daily digest provides you with a recap of crimes in your area and sex offenders who have moved in near you. The map allows you to see how close these incidents were to your home.
Member Posts
Member's sign up and create and AlertID Reputation. They add safety issues that include suspicious characters, unreported crimes, and breaking news.
Law Enforcement Data
AlertID aggregates data from local law enforcement and sex offender registries.

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